Converged Services

Deliver subscriber services consistently across all of your access technologies

In today’s multi-access network environments, in which it’s not uncommon for a communications service provider (CSP) to offer services on fixed, mobile, and WiFi networks, it can be a challenge to deliver a consistent subscriber experience.

But consistency is critical to a good subscriber quality of experience, otherwise confusion and dissatisfaction set in. When a subscriber opts into a security service, he wants to know it works regardless of the network he’s on at any moment. If a subscriber has added a zero-rating bolt on for music streaming, she needs to be confident that her music will be zero-rated whether she’s on WiFi or 3G.

Delivering services with this level of consistency can be a major problem for CSPs, especially when different access networks were supplied by different vendors.

That’s why CSPs need a universal policy controller—something that behaves consistently and can be installed in all access networks.

UPDATED : 2017-04-08 14:32:35