Increase the personalization options by letting subscribers add specific features and packs

On top of a subscriber’s ‘main’ prepaid or postpaid data plan, bolt-ons/add-ons cater to individual needs and offer personalization options that appeal to specific demographics.

They can be offered at an additional charge—for instance, a service that provides unlimited data for a set period of time (as Econet Zimbabwe did with their WhatsApp and Facebook plans)—or can be bundled in for free (as Econet did with their Econet Zero educational service).

Regardless of the precise form they take, bolt-ons and add-ons provide CSPs with valuable ways of achieving market differentiation and of appealing to particular groups of subscribers.

Success Story: GTT Gets Social with Facebook and WhatsApp

To stand out from the competition, GTT is laser-focused on increasing value for their customers. Case in point: GTT introduced an innovative bolt-on that provides free and unlimited access to Facebook and WhatsApp.

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Success Story: VivaCell-MTS Offers a Zero-Rated Perk

VivaCell-MTS has been using Sandvine’s subscriber services solutions since 2009 to help them achieve their commitment to provide innovative and quality services to Armenia’s subscribers.

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UPDATED : 2017-04-08 14:30:05