Bite-Size Internet

Get subscribers comfortable using data with bite-size time- and volume-based packs

For many mobile subscribers, volume-based data charging isn't easy to understand. For communications service providers (CSPs), this means that even subscribers with powerful handsets are only using voice services, and rely on WiFi hotspots for data services. This reluctance to use data impacts the subscribers’ experiences, and the CSPs’ profitability.

“Sandvine’s Usage Management solution enabled us to create innovative service plans that are highly-valued by our customers, so they can keep posting, liking and tweeting everywhere they go, making the experience truly mobile.”

- Michele Curran, Data and International Services Head, Smart Communications

Some CSPs have found a solution: by introducing convenient, affordable, bite-size and time-based data plans, they can introduce incremental revenue while gradually shifting the behavior of the subscriber base.

Over time, as people become more comfortable using data, they'll begin to purchase larger and larger data plans, increasing their own satisfaction and the CSP’s revenue.

Building a Mobile Internet Services "Vending Machine"

Join Sandvine and innovative mobile operators Econet Wireless from Zimbabwe and SMART Communications from the Philippines to discuss how bite-sized Internet plans are transforming prepaid markets, and how a simple smartphone app makes purchasing and personalizing mobile data plans as simple as using a vending machine.

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Success Story: Smart Communications Gets Mobile Customers Using Data

For many mobile subscribers, volume-based data charging isn‘t easy to understand. For Smart Communications, this meant that many of their customers weren’t using mobile data at all. Instead, they would jump between WiFi hotspots.

By introducing convenient, affordable, bite-size and time-based specific plans, Smart tapped into a new revenue stream by getting millions of subscribers to start using data.

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UPDATED : 2017-04-13 14:46:45