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Grow Revenue by Rapidly Deploying Innovative Services Your Subscribers Want

It’s no secret that average revenue per user (ARPU) is declining, and studies show that this trend is even occurring in emerging markets.

Increased competition and a lack of easy sources of growth mean that communications service providers need to create new revenue sources that stand out from the competition while maximizing existing ones.

No matter your access technology, dominant billing, and payment models, our expertise and policy control platform (including the graphical ServiceDesigner interface) help you create innovative prepaid and postpaid services built around real subscriber demand, so you can outpace the competition and reap the revenue rewards.

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The Possibilities are Endless (Literally)

Other than examining our long list of real-world success stories, perhaps the best way to showcase the infinite subscriber services possibilities is to look at the building blocks—the actual components of any service. One way to do this is to ask some questions, for instance:

  • How will your subscribers pay for the service: prepaid or postpaid?
  • Is this a ‘base’ service, or a bolt-on/add-on?
  • How much usage is included, and how will you count it: discrete events, time, or byte volume?
  • What happens to unused usage when a billing period ends: does it expire, or does it roll over?
  • Who actually pays: the subscribers, or a third-party sponsor?
  • What about other considerations? Will you guarantee quality of service (QoS)? Will there be any zero-rated content? Will your services offer any subscriber engagement, like notifications or self-management?

The answers to these questions will help you determine exactly what form your new subscriber services will take.

Revenue Assurance

Importantly, when you choose Sandvine as your service innovation platform, you can be confident that you’ll get paid for the services you deliver:

  • Billing and charging with a direct, real-time Gy interface prevents revenue leakage
  • The industry’s best traffic classification prevents LTE fraud from QCI abuse, and lets you protect against advanced fraud attempts (including tunneling and encryption)
  • Audit logs and secondary data records let you create redundant billing systems as back-up

Quality Guarantees

Many services, especially within LTE networks, expect or require quality-of-service (QoS) assurances, and our platform lets you apply these guarantees. In fact, thanks to our traffic classification technology, you can even offer QoS for non-IMS services.


Subscriber Services with Sandvine

A Keynote Presentation

In this 15 minute overview, Warren Pamukoff discusses how Sandvine can help CSPs grow revenue by rapidly deploying innovative services that their subscribers want.

Example Use Cases

To give you some more ideas, here is a selection of use cases that begin to show the breadth of our subscriber services capabilities.


Increase the personalization options by letting subscribers add specific features and packs.

View use case >

Sponsored Data

Offer subscriber services that are free to use—paid for by a third-party sponsor.

View use case >

Internet as a Public Service

Enable free internet connectivity through Free Basics by Facebook or by zero-rating specific websites.

View use case >

Bite-Size Internet

Get subscribers comfortable using data with bite-size time- and volume-based packs.

View use case >

HD Voice and VoLTE

Deliver crystal-clear voice services that stand out from the noise of over-the-top alternatives.

View use case >

WiFi Services

Offer a range of valuable WiFi services, from voice-over-WiFi, to sponsored plans, and more.

View use case >

Roaming Services

Provide travelers with affordable, innovative options and protect them against bill-shock.

View use case >

Value-Added Services

Introduce additional services including parental controls, cyber security, and more.

View use case >

Shared Data Services

Build services that share data between family members, devices, and device radios.

View use case >

Prepaid Data Packs

Use rapid innovation to offer choice and personalization within your prepaid services.

View use case >

Postpaid Services

Enrich your postpaid services with speed tiers, quotas, and rollover data plans.

View use case >

Branded Apps

Build loyalty and augment your services with your own branded mobile hybrid apps.

View use case >

Single Number Reach

Provide a single phone number to subscribers and make them reachable on any device.

View use case >

Single Sign-On

Create a great subscriber experience with network-wide single sign-on recognition.

View use case >

Converged Services

Deliver subscriber services consistently across all of your access technologies.

View use case >

Roaming Services

Provide travelers with affordable, innovative options and protect them against bill-shock.

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