Subscriber Self-Service

Empower subscribers to manage their own services and to carry out automated workflows

By empowering subscribers to manage their own services and devices, communications service providers can grow revenue and drastically reduce operational expenses, while simultaneously improving the subscriber experience and increasing subscriber loyalty.


  • Display usage statistics and subscription details
  • Enable subscribers to make changes to account details


  • Contextual FAQs and user guides
  • Automated workflows (e.g., initial onboarding, threat remediation, troubleshooting, etc.)


  • Purchase bundles and activate services through an automated interface
  • Can also include purchasing premium content through an operator-branded content marketplace

Account Management

  • Control account features and authorizations
  • For instance: set parental control web filters, application prioritization, etc.

Subscriber Self-Care Mobile App
UPDATED : 2016-05-27 09:17:08