Out-of-Band Engagement

Provide utility and create engagement on older devices

SMS, USSD, and email provide valuable utility and provide engagement channels for users on older devices; they also serve as useful secondary channels for subscribers, in general:

  • SMS remains a great way to send contextual and short-term notifications and promotions, and to deliver confirmation of self-care, self-ordering, and account management activities
  • USSD is a powerful mechanism for self-ordering
  • Email is well-suited to use cases that aren’t real-time sensitive, such as weekly usage updates, longer-term notifications and promotions, and service activation confirmations

Sandvine OutReach lets you manage a range of communications channels, including out-of-band, so you always have an open channel to engage with your subscribers.

SMS, while simple, is nevertheless effective
UPDATED : 2016-05-27 09:16:42