Mobile Apps

Build loyalty with your own branded mobile apps

The future of subscriber engagement is on the device, and more often than not that device is a mobile smartphone and the engagement is through an app.

Subscribers are now conditioned to expect an app to be available, rather than needing to go to a website, and operators who don’t have branded apps to offer risk being left behind.

Sandvine OutReach lets you:

  • Build a complete branded app: if you don’t already have a multi-purpose mobile app for your subscribers, then let us help you build one
  • Enrich your existing mobile app: increase the utility of your current app with dynamic components powered by OutReach
  • Launch use case-specific apps: grow subscriber loyalty with apps that have specific functions (e.g., WiFi finder, bite-size Internet plans) or marketing tie-ins

Whitepaper: Improving Customer Experience: Best Practices for Subscriber Engagement

In this paper, we’ll share our best practices for subscriber engagement and teach CSPs how to grow top-line revenue and reduce operating costs while improving the overall customer experience.

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Success Story: Tigo Solves the OTT Dilemma with Smartapps

With Smartapps, powered by Sandvine OutReach, subscribers get access to subscription over-the-top (OTT) services and digital content that’s otherwise unavailable or difficult to acquire.

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Success Story: Smart Communications Gets Mobile Customers Using Data

For many mobile subscribers, volume-based data charging isn‘t easy to understand. For Smart Communications, this meant that many of their customers weren’t using mobile data at all. Instead, they would jump between WiFi hotspots.

By introducing convenient, affordable, bite-size and time-based specific plans, Smart tapped into a new revenue stream by getting millions of subscribers to start using data.

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UPDATED : 2017-04-13 14:37:28