In-Browser Engagement

Deliver messages and interact within the browser, while the subscriber is active

The web browser commands a huge amount of subscriber attention, so it provides a fantastic medium for delivering messages and engaging with subscribers.

Sandvine OutReach gives you the ability to:

  • Intelligently intersect web browsing traffic and redirect to a defined destination (e.g., notification page, subscriber portal, self-service screen, etc.): This technique is a powerful way to ensure important messages, like billing notifications or security alerts, are seen by subscribers
  • Insert a floating overlay (containing text, images, audio, video, or rich HTML content) on top of the web page, with the appropriate size and orientation for the user’s device: This technique is a powerful subscriber-friendly alternative to full redirection, and is a great way to deliver notifications and promotions
  • Leverage browser push notifications to ensure messages can always be delivered, no matter what site a subscriber is visiting and whether or not that site is encrypted. This technique is a powerful way that allows subscribers to opt-in to timely messages and notifications from specific sites

Whitepaper: Improving Customer Experience: Best Practices for Subscriber Engagement

In this paper, we’ll share our best practices for subscriber engagement and teach CSPs how to grow top-line revenue and reduce operating costs while improving the overall customer experience.

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UPDATED : 2017-04-13 14:37:52