As network operators seek revenue from enterprises, small businesses, higher education, and related segments, they need to provide a clear value proposition and solve real problems. Without differentiating features – and, critically, unique value – data services are commodities, subject to a race-to-the-bottom price war.

One of the problems facing enterprises today is an inability to manage on-site data usage simply and effectively. To date, only those enterprises with advanced technical expertise have successfully deployed the often cumbersome solution needed to understand, manage, and protect their data.

Another market reality is that connectivity dependence is no longer associated solely with larger enterprises; today, even smaller businesses are relying upon cloud services as a critical part of their operations. This increased dependence upon reliable data connections brings with it a number of needs: for high and available bandwidth, for a high-quality connection, for mechanisms to increase employee productivity, and the ability to protect the business network from cyber threats.


Delivered via the cloud or virtual CPE solutions, Sandvine enables network operators to provide a uniquely valuable service that empowers business customers to understand and effectively manage their office and site data connections. Using this solution, a network operator’s business customers can:

  • View traffic and usage, historically and in real-time, to gain insight, apply diagnostics, and assess their data needs

  • Control traffic, to preserve application performance and contribute to increased employee productivity

  • Protect the network by detecting malware, preventing users from visiting known phishing sites, and more

Unlike traditional solutions that require on-premises equipment or proprietary hardware, these capabilities are built right into the network connection and ‘delivered’ to business customers via a self-service web interface that can be branded by the network operator.

Enable fixed-line business customers to regain control over recreational traffic, apply dynamic productivity controls, and protect users from malicious traffic.

Impact and Results

Network operators who offer these differentiated services are able to grow their business and enterprise service revenue.

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