Globalization has changed the way enterprises conduct business; plus, with adoption of bring your own device (BYOD) policies and the ever-increasing reliance on connectivity, managing data and system applications has become an even more complex job for IT managers.

To offset the flattening residential consumer business, many network operators are turning to enterprises and similar clients as a growth engine. However, in order to land the deal with enterprises and maintain high and valuable renewal rates, operators need to differentiate their business services.


Sandvine provides network operators with a cloud-based solution that takes mobile enterprise data plans to a whole new level. With the Sandvine cloud solution, the end user (i.e., the enterprise) has the flexibility and control to manage their mobile data: from tiered plans and roaming packages, to application-based policy actions and individualized solutions to fit every need. IT administrators are able to gain a deep understanding of the organization’s mobile data needs, and can quickly and easily apply time-of-day restrictions, traffic category policies, threshold management, and other enforcement actions.

Unlike mobile device management solutions, data is managed within the network, rather than on individual devices; therefore, there is no need for device software, which can often be challenging to implement across operating systems and which requires frequent updates and management.

Enable businesses to manage and secure their employees’ domestic and international mobile data usage.

Impact and Results

By offering this service, network operators can offer a truly unique mobile data service to the valuable – and rapidly growing – enterprise services market.

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