Government regulators are concerned with the security risks posed by the use of encrypted VoIP for unlawful communications. This is especially true in developing regions where many regulators originally chose to block over-the-top VoIP altogether. Now more jurisdictions permit regulated VoIP providers to operate, creating a more level playing field between VoIP providers, addressing security concerns, and preserving crucial revenue streams for network operators.

The challenge facing network operators today – who are obligated to uphold a jurisdiction’s regulations – is to permit only lawful voice services.



Sandvine is the leader in regulatory VoIP management. The regulatory VoIP management solution provides the broad functionality and flexibility needed to deliver reliable compliance while also preserving the ability to adapt to changing regulations, traffic makeup, and patterns of usage.

The solution is provided with an extensive application signature library that is continually upgraded to identify new and changing applications, and that even identifies encrypted application traffic. Operators also have the option to design their own custom signatures if so desired.

Once traffic is identified, multiple actions can be applied to comply with regulations. For instance, unlicensed traffic can be blocked or rejected, which will halt the traffic streams; alternatively, traffic can be rate-limited or session-limited, which delivers better results for some types of applications (e.g., polymorphic applications that change behavior when blocked).

If logging or analytics is part of the regulatory requirement, then statistics can be gathered on traffic passed, blocked, limited, or dropped; these statistics include volume, number of call attempts, quality of experience, and many other metrics that provide a closed-loop analysis of the effectiveness of the regulatory compliance.

Impact and Results

The Regulatory Voice-over-IP (VoIP) Management solution has been deployed by leading providers around the world. These providers can rest assured that they are complying with current regulations, and that they have the flexibility to change the way that they manage these applications, should regulations change.

Solution Brief

Regulatory VoIP Management

Manage illegal or unlicensed VoIP.


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Regulatory VoIP Management

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