Many countries around the world have legally binding restrictions on what services local subscribers may access, or what sites are openly accessible for public safety or security reasons. Operators may be required to block Voice-over-IP applications or VPN services, restrict access to X-rated material, or limit access to file sharing applications. These rules may be personalized (e.g., on/off per user), be different between subscriber segments (e.g., residential/corporate), or even based on age (e.g., minor/adult) based on governmental regulations. 


Sandvine’s solutions provide the capabilities to identify applications and either block or rate limit any identifiable application or service. This policy can be applied network-wide or even down to an individual subscriber service plan basis. For example, X-rated content can be opted in on an individual basis, or services like Skype could be enabled for corporate clients only. Since Sandvine updates its signature database on a weekly basis to stay up to date on changes in what traffic looks like, the blocking policies keep pace with the rapid rate of change on the Internet. For operators that require immediate updates, Sandvine's Professional Services team can provide local dedicated personnel for on-site signature development and updates.

Once traffic is identified, multiple actions can be applied to comply with regulations. For instance, unlicensed traffic can be blocked or rejected, which will halt the traffic streams; alternatively, traffic can be rate-limited or session-limited, which delivers better results for some types of applications (e.g., polymorphic applications that change behavior when blocked).

Impact and Results

With Sandvine, Operators can comply with the rapidly changing regulatory climate for traffic blocking and maintain pace with the bandwidth growth on their networks. Our solutions are multi-function and can deliver other use cases (Analytics, Revenue Assurance, and Network Optimization to name a few) that increase the ROI for the system. The strength of the Sandvine solution is a combination of the thousands of signatures in our Active Network Intelligence engine as well as our weekly signature updates.

Solution Brief

Regulatory Traffic Blocking

Safety and security compliance for national networks.


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