Telecommunications regulators are struggling to define metrics for broadband performance that can be measured consistently across multiple access types (e.g., DSL, Cable, Mobile, Satellite, WiFi, etc.) and that captures the actual performance experienced by subscribers during peak usage times. Customers of network operators are seeking to ensure that they receive the service quality that they are promised. Finally, network operators themselves want a “single version of the truth” that can be broadly deployed to monitor user experience.

A key challenge is that today’s user experience is driven primarily by data performance, but different application types have widely varying needs. Therefore, a truly comprehensive solution requires both application-aware quality measurements and application-agnostic metrics.


Sandvine’s traffic measurement technology measures the actual performance delivered to the network’s users, regardless of access technology. Measurements take place for all data traffic, all the time – incorporating subscriber experience KPIs that are recognized by the FCC in the United States and the European Union’s BEREC. The solution is subscriber-, service-, location-, and device-aware, to facilitate root cause analysis for quality of experience (QoE) issues.

ScoreCard metrics with location
awareness for video streaming.

Impact and Results

The regulatory quality monitoring solution is used by regulators and operators to verify compliance and to measure and improve upon key quality metrics.

Regulators can measure QoE across a regional footprint with multiple operators and network types. Operators can validate for themselves that they are in regulatory compliance and allocating resources appropriately in their efforts to improve user experience. And users can be provided service scores that quantify the quality of service received.

Solution Brief

ScoreCard for Telecom Regulators

Broadband performance metrics for all network operator types.

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ScoreCard for Telecom Regulators

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