The fast moving and ever-changing network landscape requires flexible regulatory solutions designed to adapt quickly to changing regulations. Network operators seek the most efficient solution that can solve these challenges and keep the overhead costs of compliance low. At the same time, telecom regulators desire a solution that can deliver accuracy and enforcement through a nationwide footprint.


Sandvine’s Regulatory Compliance solution delivers industry-leading scalability and traffic classification accuracy. Operators can remain compliant through tech turns and changes with a broad set of use cases, while combining operational use cases to achieve a high ROI on mandatory deployments. Whereas, telecom regulators can ensure truth-in-advertisement and quality standards are upheld through use cases adapted to the modern, data-centric OTT 2.0 era.

Use Cases

Regulatory Quality Monitoring
Protect consumers by monitoring quality standards for all networks
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Regulatory Data Retention
Data logging to comply with telecommunication regulations
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Regulatory Traffic Management
Safety and security compliance for national networks
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Regulatory VoIP Management
Manage illegal or unlicensed VoIP
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