Solutions Overview

A Single Platform That Lets You Do More

With Sandvine, you can satisfy a wide range of use cases across six solution areas to improve subscriber quality of experience.

Business Intelligence

Make informed decisions with insights from network usage and subscriber behavior.

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Traffic Optimization

Maximize subscriber quality of experience, improve efficiency, and optimize delivery.

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Cyber Security

Protect subscribers, services, and network infrastructure from online threats.

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Subscriber Engagement

Build profitable ongoing relationships with real-time multi-channel interaction.

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Subscriber Services

Grow revenue by rapidly deploying innovative services that subscribers value.

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Business Services

Deliver integrated services that meet the needs of the modern connected business.

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Customer Success with Sandvine

Learn more about how we are powering innovative solutions for CSPs of all sizes and access types across the world. Learn more >

UPDATED : 2017-04-28 09:03:40