There are several reasons why network operators need to guarantee flow-based quality of service (QoS), for instance:

  • With mobile networks evolving from traditional circuit-switched to IP-based, Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) services require QoS guarantees
  • Particular service categories, for instance enterprise applications and premium services, often include QoS guarantees either as a base service component or as a differentiator
  • Network operators might achieve competitive advantages by assuring QoS for categories of sensitive applications (e.g., all gaming traffic, or all voice traffic)


Sandvine provides several means by which network operators can guarantee quality of service.

For standards-driven QoS, like VoLTE requires, the Sandvine universal policy controller provides the signaling (e.g., Gx, Rx) that ensures different network components know what quality guarantees to apply to each flow.

By linking this standards support with Sandvine’s traffic classification capabilities, network operators can offer QoS guarantees for practically any traffic.

Additionally, Sandvine’s inline components can ‘mark’ traffic (e.g., DSCP) so that other network elements can observe the mark and apply the appropriate QoS.

Sandvine’s PCRF will play a key role in ensuring our customers enjoy a superior experience when making VoLTE calls.
Matthew MacLellan, President, Eastlink

Impact and Results

Network operators who implement QoS guarantees do so knowing that crucial services will deliver a predictable quality of experience, either as required by a standard or as demanded by the marketplace.

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