Regulatory Web Filtering

Comply with regulations that require topic-based filtering

Most countries have strict regulatory requirements that require CSPs to block a blacklist of illegal URLs (websites). In many places, public institutions such as schools and libraries are encouraged to block specific subjects with the promise of government funding subsidies. Similarly, many business organizations that offer public WiFi (e.g., hotels, airports, coffee shops, etc.) need to enable public access to the Internet without worrying about being liable for inappropriate content.

Sandvine’s Web Content Intelligence leverages a real-time integration with Symantec RuleSpace to block specific URLs and allow businesses and subscribers to manage access to over 100 web browsing subjects to enable full compliance with regulations.

Examples of categories that can be filtered include blocking child pornography sites or blocking subjects like “drugs”, “weapons”, and “violence”.

Cyber Security: Considerations and Techniques

This paper describes the wide variety of solutions that CSPs and enterprise Internet security professionals are juggling today, and explains the many advantages of using network policy control to deliver secure pipes to residential subscribers and business customers.

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