Reflector Attack Protection

Detect inbound and outbound distributed denial-of-service attacks and stop them in real-time, protecting network services and the CSP’s reputation

Reflector Attack DiagramDetect and stop complex reflector attacks that attempt to trick network resources into attacking the subscribers of communications service providers (CSPs).

A reflector attack spoofs the victim’s IP in many queries to Domain Name Server (DNS) elements or NTP elements both inside and outside your network, and then the elements send an avalanche of DNS replies to the intended victim to overwhelm subscriber computers and frustrate their service experience. And when an attacker uses DNS or NTP elements outside your network to attack other subscribers inside your network, the cost of transporting all that malicious traffic falls on the CSP.

Sandvine’s Network Security uses precisely-tuned, behavior-based algorithms to stop complex attacks in their tracks for zero-day protection without false positives.

Cyber Security: Considerations and Techniques

This paper describes the wide variety of solutions that CSPs and enterprise Internet security professionals are juggling today, and explains the many advantages of using network policy control to deliver secure pipes to residential subscribers and business customers.

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