Phishing Prevention

Prevent your subscribers from falling prey to the enormous stress and financial burden of identity theft

Phishing scams steal sensitive information from subscribers and businesses to commit financial fraud. The violation of having one’s identity stolen brings a cost of stress and emotional trauma to subscribers that cannot be counted in dollars, while businesses often absorb the financial cost (about $3.7 million for the average enterprise annually) of stolen credit and money.

If you’re reacting to a phishing attack, it means the damage is likely already done and the cost and stress are related solely to the cleanup effort.

It’s time for a new approach give your residential and business customers additional peace-of-mind with a network-based secure pipes solution for phishing prevention from Sandvine. The solution automatically detects attempts to access known phishing websites. Upon detecting threatening browsing activity, the solution can proactively notify subscribers that they are at risk and/or block access to a known phishing site.

Cyber Security: Considerations and Techniques

This paper describes the wide variety of solutions that CSPs and enterprise Internet security professionals are juggling today, and explains the many advantages of using network policy control to deliver secure pipes to residential subscribers and business customers.

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UPDATED : 2017-04-13 14:31:38