Outbound Spam Protection

Prevent outbound spam from leaving the network to avoid the costly service disruptions and reputational damage that come from being blacklisted

For many communications service providers (CSPs), the top security problem is outbound email spam: watchdog groups blacklist entire networks when the spam problem is considered severe, resulting in email disruption for all of the network’s subscribers.

Since 2004, Sandvine’s Network Security product has provided a behavioral, network-based approach to stopping outbound spam and protecting the CSP’s ability to deliver email service. This approach overcomes the shortcomings of Bayesian filters and port lockdowns, and identifies spammers based on the behavioral characteristics rather than content specifics.

CSPs are able to take actions, including blocking or rate-limiting SMTP connections from spammers and presenting infected subscribers with a message notifying them of the problem.

Cyber Security: Considerations and Techniques

This paper describes the wide variety of solutions that CSPs and enterprise Internet security professionals are juggling today, and explains the many advantages of using network policy control to deliver secure pipes to residential subscribers and business customers.

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UPDATED : 2017-04-13 14:33:36