Botnet Disruption

Detect subscribers who have fallen prey to botnet infection and disrupt botnet operations

Botnets are the root cause of most online attacks: they’re the source of email spam, they collectively launch massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that both leverage and attack network resources and services, and they often spread via disruptive scanning activity that searches for vulnerable devices on the network to exploit.

Additionally, the malware that turns a connected device into a zombie or bot consumes device resources and impacts the device owner’s quality of experience—leading to costly support calls to the CSP helpdesk.

Sandvine’s Subscriber Protection allows CSPs to strike at the heart of botnet operations by detecting devices that are part of a botnet, blocking communication with botnet command and control, and getting in touch with subscribers to initiate a solution.

Sandvine’s Network Security product supports a strong breadth of use cases that further squeeze botnets and their negative effects out of carrier networks, including malware infection prevention, phishing prevention, malware scanning protection, precision DoS/DDoS protection, and outbound spam mitigation.

Cyber Security: Considerations and Techniques

This paper describes the wide variety of solutions that CSPs and enterprise Internet security professionals are juggling today, and explains the many advantages of using network policy control to deliver secure pipes to residential subscribers and business customers.

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UPDATED : 2017-04-13 14:30:39