Small and Medium Businesses

Take the complexity out of day-to-day IT management and focus on the true needs of the business

For small and medium businesses, running a profitable, successful operation means wearing many hats. When it comes to having reliable, business-grade Internet access with minimal downtime, many of these businesses often do not have the resources for a dedicated IT team to manage on-premises IT solutions and infrastructure.

This reality presents an enormous opportunity for communications service providers: by building valuable IT solutions into the high speed Internet service, service providers can deliver exactly what small and medium businesses need, without needing the businesses to invest in equipment or expertise.

With Sandvine’s Cloud Services Policy Controller, SMBs can:

  • Gain valuable visibility into Internet usage through vivid, easy-to-understand real-time and historical reports
  • Manage a shared bucket of mobile data usage
  • Control access to non-business applications during business hours
  • Prioritize critical applications, including collaboration (e.g., video conferencing, voice-over-IP, etc.) and hosted services
  • Effectively manage the inflow of personal and business mobile devices on the business network
  • Gain peace of mind and protect critical information by deploying network-based security solutions across the business

Small and Medium Businesses

UPDATED : 2017-04-13 15:08:21