Mobile Data Management

Manage business mobility expenses with visibility into roaming data usage

Mobile overage fees are a source of pain for business customers. Without visibility into business usage behaviors, and the tools to take appropriate action, IT managers are often left with more billing questions than answers.

The mobile data management capabilities of Sandvine’s Cloud Services Policy Controller product enable businesses to create data usage policies that automatically block or rate-limit recreational applications (i.e., Netflix, Youtube, Facebook) and traffic categories (i.e., Real-Time Entertainment or Social Networking) during specific times of day, or when the business user is roaming internationally. Delivered as a value-added service from their carrier, IT managers have greater insight and control over their mobile data usage, with the ability to set dynamic policies that trigger notifications when a user lands in a specific roaming zone, or exceeds a pre-defined threshold of data usage.

No on-device software. No on-premises hardware.

Real-Time Geolocation

View real-time location of domestic and roaming users on an interactive map

User Notifications and Configurable Data Thresholds

Send usage notifications or roaming alerts to users based on configurable data thresholds for domestic Internet usage, intranet usage, and data roaming

Configure data usage thresholds by specific zones

Send SMS notifications to end users to inform them of potential overages

UPDATED : 2017-04-08 14:37:22