Offering real-time reporting, performance monitoring, and productivity controls through a virtualized platform with no on-premises hardware

Data arrives from multiple sources and businesses are looking for solutions that help them integrate massive amounts of information—and more importantly, make sense of it. Is my business on the right Internet service? How is my Internet connection being utilized? What is affecting the quality of my business applications?

These are just a few of the questions that modern IT departments are looking to answer.

With the View capabilities of Sandvine’s Cloud Services Policy Controller, real-time insight and even historical reporting can be delivered to business customers as-a-service, to equip the IT department with the network-based information required to answer their tough questions and maximize the network performance and productivity of the entire business.

Historical Application-Based Reporting

Toggle-Based Management of Dynamic Network Policy Control

Real-time QoE and Application Performance

Success Story: UbiScope Delivers Cloud-Based Network Services to South Korean Businesses

UbiScope created a packaged Network Services offering for their business customers, based on Sandvine’s Cloud Services Policy Controller. Installed on an on-premises appliance, Network Services gives UbiScope’s business customers insight into and control over their internet services.

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UPDATED : 2017-04-13 15:05:13