Create a consistent, high-quality and differentiated Internet experience for your hotel guests

From room service to dry cleaning and concierge to daycare services, the hospitality industry has evolved to become your true home-away-from-home…with one exception: Internet access continues to be a major guest complaint on hotel rating sites.

Many businesses in the hospitality industry resell Internet access to their guests using their in-hotel WiFi. The trouble is that the access they provide is perceived to be poor, inconsistent, and overpriced.

Obviously, the hotel doesn’t set out to deliver a poor service—but they often lack the knowledge and equipment to do any better.

You can help them by providing network-based solutions to their common problems, including effectively and fairly managing the shared bandwidth, and offering a range of service options rather than a one-size-fits-all per day or per stay package.

With Sandvine’s Cloud Services Policy Controller, businesses in the hospitality industry can:

  • Effectively share bandwidth between guests and manage any congestion that occurs
  • Deliver maximum quality of experience by prioritizing high-value applications like Skype, Netflix, YouTube, etc.
  • Offer differentiated Internet access (e.g., based on speed, volume, or time) and a personalized experience that’s completely customizable by the hotel guest
  • Use captive portals and advertising to monetize the network with real-time offers and promotions
  • Gain real-time insight and reporting into usage to more accurately and effectively segment hotel guests


UPDATED : 2017-04-13 15:08:41