Health Care

Enable health care professionals to quickly and securely access and organize the information they need

The Internet has provided the health care industry with a fantastic resource that allows the exchange of information, inter-site collaboration, and a host of other useful services.

But to make the most of this connectivity, IT administrators have to grapple with security threats, privacy concerns, and other complications. Traditionally, they have been forced to install and manage complex hardware solutions, but now there is an alternative.

By building valuable tools and capabilities into your high speed Internet service, you can help health care providers to spend less time managing their network infrastructure, and more time directing efforts towards patient care.

With Sandvine’s Cloud Services Policy Controller, health care professionals can:

  • Manage visitor WiFi services
  • Give interactive priority to critical telemedicine applications
  • Deliver reliable, high definition video conferencing between hospital personnel across sites
  • Securely and efficiently share and transfer patient documents between health care providers
  • Manage congestion, improve quality, and understand where network quality improvements are required immediately for the health care provider’s network

Health Care

UPDATED : 2017-04-13 15:08:59