Government and Public Sector

Establish a secure foundation for citizens and agencies to connect, interact, receive information, and deliver services

Government and public sector agencies are transforming as the Internet enables seamless collaboration and rapid exchange of information.

Most government and public sector locations include a handful of specialized technology solutions that are managed by an understaffed IT organization. You can provide vital assistance to this group by replacing many of these hardware solutions with services built into your high speed Internet offering.

Instead of needing to install and operate a number of complex hardware solutions, the IT staff can now fulfill the same use cases by logging into your business portal and toggling variables and on/off settings.

With Sandvine’s Cloud Services Policy Controller, government and public sector agencies can:

  • Manage a shared bucket of mobile data usage
  • Gain valuable insight into network utilization and changing employee needs
  • Manage congestion and prioritize business applications, including teleconferencing and hosted services
  • Prevent abuse of network resources and defend against threats including botnets

Government/Public Sector

UPDATED : 2017-04-13 15:09:20