Fleet Management

Secure, protect, and gain real-time visibility into QoE associated with the distribution of digital assets

Many businesses rely on fleets and connected remote equipment—from taxis and couriers to ATM providers and utility meter operators—to deliver vital operational metrics such as telemetry data, usage information, and vehicle location.
The Internet needs, whether through fixed access or mobile networks, of these businesses are quite different from most other organizations. Instead of a relatively small number of high-bandwidth employees using a diverse array of applications, these businesses are characterized by hundreds or even thousands of automated components that need very little bandwidth and only use a tiny handful of protocols.

The unique characteristics of fleets and connected machines present an opportunity for service providers to utlize Sandvine's Cloud Services Policy Controller to offer tailored Internet services that allow these organizations to:

  • Manage a shared bucket of data usage between hundreds or even thousands of devices
  • Monitor bandwidth utilization to detect SIM fraud and other abnormalities
  • Deliver real-time location information of their mobile fleet to optimize service response times

Fleet Management

UPDATED : 2017-04-13 15:10:04