Consumer Retail

Gain insight into the retail buying process and understand browsing behaviors that happen in-store through your complimentary WiFi

Shifts in consumer purchasing behaviors are driving immense change to the brick-and-mortar retail experience. Through ubiquitous Internet connectivity, mobile technologies, and new ways to pay for items, consumers are now more savvy and informed than ever before. Comparison shopping, competitive price searches, and accessing peer recommendations from a mobile device are the new norm and can happen in-store, or well in advance of a consumer ever setting foot in a retail location.

These shifts present an opportunity for business Internet providers to deliver a variety of value-added services to address the unique needs of the consumer retail industry.

With Sandvine’s Cloud Services Policy Controller, consumer retail businesses can:

  • Monetize their in-store WiFi offering by bringing real-time advertisements and promotions to customers at point-of-sale
  • Gain access to retail analytics to segment their in-store shoppers through an understanding of search behaviors and interests
  • Introduce comparison shopping detection and prevention programs
  • Increase brand awareness, and introduce third-party promotions in real-time

Consumer Retail

UPDATED : 2017-04-13 15:10:23