Discover the unique characteristics of devices that are being used to share their mobile Internet connection with other devices

Peak Device Instances by DeviceFor communication service providers (CSPs), having a complete understanding of tethering behaviors on the network allows for the offering of more personalized services to subscribers that create differentiation and builds subscriber loyalty while protecting the network from behaviors that go against the CSP’s fair use policy

On today’s modern networks, the term ‘tethering’ generally refers to the use of a smartphone, MiFi device, or tablet to provide Internet connectivity to multiple devices (e.g., laptops, smartphones, tables, etc.) using the host device’s mobile Internet data plan. On traditional ‘fixed’ networks with WiFi modems/routers, the term ‘tethering’ refers to the device quantity and type that are sharing the Internet connection typically behind a Network Address Translation (NAT) device or router.

In both cases, having visibility into and being able to take action on tethering behaviors in real-time is critical to offering customers more personalized services.

Enabling CSPs to take action on tethering in real-time is made possible by Sandvine’s unique Policy Engine and SandScript freeform policy language. Using tethering measurements delivered through Sandvine’s Network Business Intelligence (NBI) policy package, CSPs can publish reports based on usage of tethered devices as well as act on unauthorized behaviors of tethered devices to reduce the high cost of unauthorized tethering. Sandvine OutReach can also be used in conjunction with tethering-based policy to notify subscribers and direct them to a web page for more information or for up-sell purposes.

Now in complete control of tethering behaviors on the network, mobile operators can introduce new tethered-device services and decrease revenue leakage by blocking unauthorized tethering.

Policy Control for Connected and Tethered Devices

This paper details how Sandvine’s traffic classification technology provides CSPs with the insight to understand the rich assortment of devices on their network and to empower CSPs with the policy control capabilities to profitably manage the Internet of Things.

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