Real-Time Monitoring

Get real-time visibility into network behaviors to diagnose and troubleshoot the network

For effective network diagnostics and troubleshooting practices, operators need real-time analytics and insight into subscriber, application, device, QoE and resource behaviors happening on the network. Data-driven decisions reduce risk and increase business case accuracy while enabling operators to respond to network issues more dynamically.

Using the PowerView feature of Sandvine’s Control Center, operations and engineering can diagnose and troubleshoot resource issues on the network before they become big QoE-impacting problems in real-time with the flexibility of navigating directly to an individual subscriber or element, instantly. Why is a particular cell, DSLAM, or CMTS delivering poor QoE? What services is a subscriber using right now and how is this impacting their quality of experience? Get answers to these questions and more in real-time with PowerView.

Control Center - PowerView

Control Center's PowerView
UPDATED : 2017-04-08 14:08:20