Quality of Experience (QoE)

Understand factors affecting subscriber QoE including VoIP, Video, and Website QoE

Network Analytics - Real-Time Entertainment DashboardAcross global broadband networks today, third-party applications (YouTube, Netflix, WhatsApp, Spotify) that run over-the-top (OTT) of a communications service provider’s (CSP's) transport layer are the dominant drivers of bandwidth on the Internet.

The popularity of such applications—especially video—is responsible for two fundamental shifts in consumer behavior: higher peak bandwidth levels and heightened subscriber sensitivity to network quality.

During periods of peak utilization, resources on the network are more prone to congestion; from the subscribers’ perspective, congestion can very visibly manifest as degradation in video streaming quality, VoIP call quality, web browsing, and gaming experiences. Therefore, being able to measure the customer’s quality of experience (QoE) requires measurement of a number of independent factors that affect video, VoIP, web browsing, and gaming QoE, which are critical to service creation, congestion management, and effective capacity planning.

Sandvine's industry-leading Business Intelligence portfolio provides the flexibility of a stand-alone reporting and analytics solution (Network Demographics and Network Analytics) as well as an open API for simplified integration with third-party systems (via Record Generator) to provide a greater understanding of QoE across the network.

With patents filed for Sandvine’s industry-leading video and web browsing QoE metrics, combined with VoIP QoE metrics that provide visibility into number of calls dropped and call quality for SIP-based protocols, CSPs now have the breadth and depth of QoE measurements to make more accurate quality-based decisions that are unmatched by anything in the market.

Network Analytics - Quality of Experience Chart

UPDATED : 2017-04-08 14:10:38