Network Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Find and diagnose issues on the network before they become larger problems with real-time visibility into network behaviors

For operations, engineering, and IT departments within communications service provider (CSP) organizations, maintaining connectivity and quality of service comes from a real-time understanding of the service-affecting issues occurring on the network. With real-time insight into network behaviors, CSPs can diagnose and troubleshoot network issues and leverage enforcement capabilities to take action to correct service-affecting issues in real-time. 

Sandvine’s Control Center enables you to simplify operations without sacrificing functionality. Control Center provides a unified policy and operations management graphical user interface, and provides a single mechanism for monitoring operational information, editing network policies, configuring elements, and deploying network policy control solutions. With PowerView, Control Center plays a key role for CSPs by providing:

  • Operational Simplicity: Tools that empower operations teams to manage the entire Sandvine deployment across the data plane and the control plane
  • Real-Time Insight: Detailed subscriber statistics and network-wide information to expedite diagnostics and troubleshooting, or just to let you verify that your management policies are having the desired effect

When combined with the power of the Sandvine platform, CSPs can not only spot network anomalies in real-time, but can take action on identified conditions in real-time—equipping technicians to respond more dynamically to service-affecting issues.

Control Center - PowerView

Control Center’s PowerView delivers real-time information about the network and even individual subscribers.
UPDATED : 2017-04-13 14:00:52