Device Recognition

Boost your understanding of device-specific behaviors on your fixed and mobile network

Network Analytics - Device Insights DashboardIn the era of “Internet of Things”, there’s no practical limit to the number of devices that can have an IP address – connecting to the Internet from nearly anywhere. For communications service providers (CSPs), being able to recognize and differentiate between devices on the network is an important part of understanding subscriber behavior, current and future network and service needs, and enabling new, personalized services. What are the top 10 devices on the network? How does usage behavior differ from a Samsung Galaxy to an Apple iPhone 6? How many mobile devices are being used inside the home behind a WiFi router? 

These are just a few examples of your device-related questions you can get answers to with Sandvine.

Using a patent-pending approach to analyzing client devices on the network and applying policies in real-time, Sandvine delivers device-based insight that no market alternative can. Sandvine's industry-leading Business Intelligence portfolio provides the flexibility of a stand-alone reporting and analytics solution (Network Demographics and Network Analytics) as well as an open API for simplified integration with third-party systems (via Record Generator) to provide a greater understanding of device behaviors across the network.

No matter the combination of access technologies you have deployed in your network, having granular insight into devices on the network such as device type, radio capability, manufacturer, device category and even application usage by device enables the operator to create and deliver more personalized services and plan for future network demands with an understanding of how devices are being used on the network.

Policy Control for Connected and Tethered Devices

This paper details how Sandvine’s traffic classification technology provides CSPs with the insight to understand the rich assortment of devices on their network and to empower CSPs with the policy control capabilities to profitably manage the Internet of Things.

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