Data Records

Find the missing pieces of your big data puzzle with a solution that delivers highly flexible and customizable data records in real-time

UDRs, CDRs, XDRs—whatever data record you are looking for; you should be able to access any combination of subscriber, application, network resources, and device insight from the data flowing across your network quickly and easily with a flexible and open architecture to address standalone use cases or integrate into your existing systems.

Gaining real-time access to this information is critical to increasing subscriber loyalty, spotting new sources of potential revenue, reducing OPEX and CAPEX costs, as well as supporting CEM initiatives that reduce subscriber churn.

Sandvine Record Generator provides granular access to your data with completely customizable outputs to feed any third-party database with insight that is uniquely provided by Sandvine (time of flow, session, VoIP call, VoIP QoS, video bitrate, codecs, resolution, location, APN, IMEI, roaming, tethered, QoE, aRTT, Video QoE, etc.). With Sandvine, the operator now has access to key data points that are required to unlock the benefits that come from a greater understanding of the customer experience, including:

  • Identifying customers with a high propensity to churn
  • Create new services more dynamically
  • More accurately segment your subscriber base with actual subscriber behaviors

Sandvine Business Intelligence - Data Flow and Interfaces

Integrating Sandvine with customer experience management and big data systems
UPDATED : 2017-04-13 13:59:59