Customer Experience Management

Access the data you need to manage all aspects of the customer journey to increase loyalty, reduce churn, and increase revenue

For communications service providers (CSPs), a true understanding of the customer experience comes from being able to access critical insight from all customer touch points and channels across the organization and harnessing the volumes of customer data from CRM systems, sales channels, websites, and beyond. These mountains of data that exist across the organization need be extracted and analyzed with speed and precision so that the operator is able to respond more dynamically to changing subscriber trends and offer more personalized services that not only stimulate loyalty, but create brand advocates who will evangelize to friends and family about their experience on your network—which is the ultimate promotional tool and the key to differentiation.

Network Analytics - Quality of Experience Chart

Sandvine's industry-leading Business Intelligence portfolio provides the flexibility of a stand-alone reporting and analytics solution (Network Demographics and Network Analytics) as well as an open API for simplified integration with third-party systems (via Record Generator) to provide a greater understanding of the customer journey and address CEM-related use cases:

  • Identifying customers with a high propensity to churn
  • Increasing subscriber loyalty
  • Increased revenue from incremental activations
UPDATED : 2017-04-08 14:06:25