A fast, reliable connection is now a fundamental expectation for most internet users. Long-gone are the days when people tolerated occasional outages or service degradations; instead, even the slightest decline in service quality – whether real or perceived – is enough to trigger a customer to churn to another network operator or, at the very least, to phone the support line and perhaps argue for a reimbursement.

For network operators, maintaining high customer renewal rates demands an intense and relentless focus on operational quality. This approach requires complementing traditional operational and performance monitoring with an approach that shines a spotlight on the real-time performance of individual services and monitors the experience of individual network users – whether just a subset of high-value users, or the entire customer base.


Sandvine provides network operators with unique insight into real-time service performance and user quality of experience.

Based on leading traffic identification and measurement capabilities, and linked to customer identity, this information delivers deep insight into the performance of individual applications and application categories, cloud-based services, speed test utilities, individual protocols, and more.

With Netflix traffic representing 40% or more of total bandwidth on some networks, network operators need dashboards that allow them to easily – but comprehensively – monitor subscriber QoE for Netflix by location, CDN, and any other relevant factor.

Impact and Results

By monitoring service performance and user quality of experience in real-time, Sandvine’s customers are able to take informed corrective action before quality issues pose a threat to customer satisfaction.

Additionally, logging this performance information creates a valuable case history in the event that a customer calls to dispute the quality of service delivery.

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