Modern networks are incredibly complex; they’re made up of many elements, often spanning vast geographies, that work together to deliver crucial services to consumers, businesses, government organizations, connected cars, and an ever-growing list of internet-capable devices.

A lot can go wrong, and there’s a lot to keep right — and seconds matter.

Keeping today’s networks up-and-running requires rich, deep, and broad real-time insight that is used to diagnose problems, to prioritize operational activities, and to inform actions.

With the right performance and operational metrics, network operators are empowered to make quick and accurate decisions that can save the day; lacking these metrics, operators must play a high-stakes guessing game with everything on the line.

DNS response times for different locations within a city, color coded for easy recognition.


Sandvine ensures the network and its services are delivering to expectations by closely monitoring the metrics that matter: from detailed transport measurements, to application-aware performance information, to quality of experience scores that can even take into account consumer speed test utilities.

This information is available to network operators in real-time, either through a stream of data records that can be connected to a big data system directly or via a telemetry message bus, or for examination in one of Sandvine’s graphical user interfaces.

Dashboard showing a snapshot of a single subscriber’s service experience – providing location, inbound and outbound throughput, traffic quality metrics, service categories, and more.

Impact and Results

Sandvine’s customers have what they need to quickly diagnose issues before they grow into service-impacting problems, and to respond appropriately should problems arise.

Ultimately, end customers are more satisfied, and operational efficiency increases.

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