Troubleshooting Sandvine

Course Overview

Intended for operations and maintenance, support, and engineering personnel, the objective of Sandvine Troubleshooting is to teach techniques which can be used to troubleshoot problems which may occur in a Sandvine deployment. This course heavily uses problem-based learning with a heavy focus on hands-on labs to achieve this goal.


This course, delivered in-person, uses problem-based learning in order to familiarize those in an operations role with:

  • The basic services on all Sandvine Elements
  • The relationships between Sandvine’s solutions, products, and technologies
  • The most important tools to use when starting troubleshooting
  • How to reduce the scope of a problem

The course will include hands-on troubleshooting, slides, and discussions.

Intended Audience

Student should have already taken Sandvine Essentials Training and have significant experience with Sandvine products:

  • Support
  • Operations
  • Engineering

Course Duration

  • 3 days

Course Outline

What’s in a Sandvine Deployment?
  • What runs on Policy Traffic Switch (PTS)?
  • What runs on Subscriber Policy Broker (SPB)?
  • What runs on Service Delivery Engine (SDE)?
  • How do the above elements interact?
  • Error/log files used by each Element
  • Core Services
  • First troubleshooting steps
Sample Topics for Troubleshooting
  • Subscriber Mapping
  • SDE High Availability
  • Diameter
  • Shaping
  • Control Center
  • High CPU
  • Tunneling
  • Network Processing Units

Please note, only the topics relevant to the customers deployment will be considered and subject to time.

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