Sandvine Base Operations Remote Seminar


This seminar, delivered via multiple remote sessions, is intended to familiarize those in an operations role with:

  • Sandvine elements that exist in the network
  • The basics of Managing & Monitoring these elements

The seminar will include slides, discussion, and live demonstrations.

Seminar Outline

What’s in My Network?

  • What is the Policy Traffic Switch (PTS)?
  • What is the Subscriber Policy Broker (SPB)?
  • What is the Service Delivery Engine (SDE)?
  • For each of the elements above, what do they do?
  • PTS Cluster vs Data ports
  • Core Files used by each Element
  • Core Services
  • How are the PTS, SPB, and SDE inter- connected?

Managing & Monitoring My System

  • Using Control Center to Manage Elements
  • Connecting to Elements via SSH
  • Users, Groups, Permissions
  • Introduction to Sandvine CLI
  • Applying Configuration Changes
  • What Changed and When?
  • Alarms
  • Log Files
  • Resources and Performance
  • Control Connections
  • Data and Cluster Traffic
  • Basic SandScript – Collecting Statistics
  • Database Health

If you have any questions about Sandvine’s Education Services or courses, contact  learning@sandvine.com.

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