Record Generator

Course Overview

This course provides hands-on instruction on deployment, configuration and management of Record Generator, deployed in conjunction with the Policy Traffic Switch (PTS),  Service Delivery Engine (SDE), and Subscriber Policy Broker (SPB). This course is aimed at those concerned with subscriber usage records, and who will be responsible for configuring, monitoring, and providing level one support for Record Generator.


Record Generator course has the following objectives:

  • Ensure you understand the interaction between the PTS and SDE
  • Show how to classify traffic to be reported
  • Teach you to format and generate Usage Data Records (UDRs)
  • Explain how to examine and understand the content of UDRs

Intended Audience

  • Support
  • Engineering
  • Operations
  • Design and Planning

Course Duration

  • 1 day

Course Outline

Introduction and Installation
  • Features and functionality of Record Generator
  • Deployment considerations
  • Installing Record Generator on Sandvine  PTS, SDE, and SPB
Usage Management & Record Generator Configuration: PTS & SDE
  • Configure the diameter communication (Rf) on the PTS and SDE
  • Configure Record Generator policy on the PTS and on the SDE defining rating groups
  • Verify UDRs generated on the SDE
Monitoring Record Generator
  • Network Demographics reports

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