Quota Manager

Course Overview

This course provides instruction on deployment, configuration and management of Sandvine’s Quota Manager. The course targets an audience of network engineers and administrators who are responsible for implementing and maintaining Quota Manager plans and related traffic polices using SandScript Policy Language and ServiceDesigner. The course consists of a combination of lecture and hands-on lab exercises.


  • High-level understanding of Sandvine’s Quota Manager solution
  • Understanding Quota Manager features such as Quota Wheels, Shared Quota, and Events
  • Practical experience viewing Quota Manager in action
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting of Quota Manager

Intended Audience

  • Support
  • Engineering
  • Operations
  • Design and Planning

Course Duration

  • 1 day

Course Outline

Introduction and Overview
  • High-level understanding of Quota Manager
  • Features of Quota Manager
  • Installing Quota Manager
Diameter Configuration
  • Installing diameter on the Sandvine platform
  • Diameter messaging
  • Communication between Policy Traffic Switch (PTS) and Service Delivery Engine (SDE) over Gx
Quota Manager Policy Configuration
  • Sample deployment
  • Quota Manager parameters
  • Configuring Quota Manager policy plans using ServiceDesigner
  • Quota Wheels
  • Shared quota
  • Writing policy to handle quota events/thresholds
  • Provisioning subscribers
  • Useful operations commands


  • Useful CLI commands
Quota Manager related reports in Network Demographics  

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