Policy Enforcement and Online Charging

Course Overview

This course provides instruction on deployment, configuration and management of Sandvine’s Usage Management products: Policy Enforcement and Online Charging over the Gx and Gy. It is designed to meet the needs of network providers who are deploying Sandvine for usage management along with a Policy Charging and Rules Function (PCRF) and/or Online Charging System (OCS). The course targets an audience of network engineers and administrators who are responsible for implementing and maintaining network policy control systems that leverage the standard interfaces of 3GPP. The course consists of a combination of lecture and hands-on lab exercises.


In addition to ensuring that you understand Sandvine’s Gx and Gy solution at a high level, this course helps you:

  • Understand the PTS interaction with a PCRF
  • Understand the PTS interaction with an OCS
  • Gain practical experience viewing Gx and Gy in action
  • Monitor and troubleshoot Gx and Gy

Intended Audience

  • Engineers
  • Operations
  • Support
  • Design and Planning

Course Duration

  • 2 days

Course Outline

Introduction and Overview
  • High-level understanding of Policy Enforcement and Online Charging
  • Diameter overview & configuration
Policy Enforcement (Gx)
  • Sample deployment
  • Understanding Gx messaging between PTS (PCEF) and PCRF
  • Installing and configuring policy enforcement on PTS
  • Defining and installing enforcement rules
  • Useful “show” commands
  • Hands-on configuration using PCRF simulator
Usage Monitoring over Gx
  • Session and rule-level monitoring
  • Hands-on labs with monitoring keys
Online Charging (Gy)
  • Sample deployment
  • Understanding Gy messaging between PTS (PCEF) and OCS
  • Installing and configuring online charging on the PTS
  • Defining rating groups and service IDs
  • How quota is handled, including various timers
  • Useful “show” commands
  • Hands-on configuration using OCS simulator

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