Policy and Charging Rules Function

Using a third-party PCEF? Attend the PCRF with non-Sandvine PCEF course instead.

Course Overview

This course provides instruction on deployment, configuration, and management of Sandvine’s PCRF, the Service Delivery Engine (SDE), and ServiceDesigner, Sandvine’s service creation graphical user interface, where the PCRF is used to make decisions that are enforced by Sandvine’s PCEF, the Policy Traffic Switch (PTS). This course aimed at an audience of network engineers and administrators who are responsible for implementing and maintaining network policy control systems, consists of a combination of lecture and hands-on lab exercises covering in-depth configuration of the PCRF server using ServiceDesigner.


  • Learn the power and flexibility of ServiceDesigner
  • Interaction between Sandvine’s PCEF (PTS) and Sandvine’s PCRF (SDE)
  • Review use cases, deployment models, and the ServiceDesigner Interface
  • Examine and have hands on experience with the Gx Server

Intended Audience

  • Engineering
  • Operations
  • Support
  • Design and Planning

Course Duration

  • 2 days

Course Outline

Introduction and Overview
  • High-level understanding of PCRF
  • Overview of use cases, deployment models, and ServiceDesigner
Subscriber – Session & Usage Management
  • Subscriber profile deployment models
  • Subscriber attribute view
  • Attribute definition types and customization functions
  • CLI commands and alarms
PCRF Session Management
  • Session flows, dictionaries, and attributes
  • PCRF session functions, events, and lookup
  • CLI commands and alarms
Usage Management
  • Configuring the usage server and Quota Manager
  • Interaction with the PCRF
  • Usage and provisioning
  • Troubleshooting and reports
  • Special use cases
Gx Server
  • Gx workflows and actions
  • Gx server and diameter configuration
  • Gx server SandScript expressions
  • Overview & nomenclature
  • Using ServiceDesigner
  • ServiceDesigner rule engine & rules
SDE & PCRF High Availability  

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