Partner Installation Training

Enables Sandvine’s partners to deliver more and better services to their customers using Sandvine’s proven methodologies

The Partner Installation Enablement Program enables you to successfully install Sandvine products and solutions for your end-customers. Leveraging best practices, industry experience, and deep domain knowledge, Sandvine experts teach you how to deliver more value to your customers. We provide you with all you need to ensure your success:

The program consists of:

  • Technical and Process Training: A two-day training course covering not only the technical aspects of an installation but also documentations and processes such as planning and handover

For your first two installation projects:

  • Installation Proactive Consulting: Our team will review your installation documents prior to start of the work
  • Installation Emergency Support: You can schedule emergency support to be available during the installation
  • Post Installation Review: We will help you to review your project and discuss lessons learned

Key Benefits

  • More opportunities: We enable you to provide more services to your customers
  • More satisfied customers: We train and guide you to deliver faster and better service, and mitigate risk
  • Deliver more value using proven methodologies: We teach you Sandvine’s proven and consistent installation methodologies and best practices
  • Access to e-Learning modules: As pre- course work and follow-on refresher
  • Comprehensive knowledge transfer: Learn from the product and technology experts
  • Sandvine’s support: Our experts will be available if you run into any issues

Program Eligibility

To ensure the highest installation quality is delivered to our customers, this program is available to a selected group of partners.

Reseller Partners

This program is available to all Sandvine reseller partners who:

  • Are in good standing and have successfully completed the Sandvine Essentials Training (SET)
  • Are able to provide Level 1 technical support for customers on Sandvine deployments
  • Can provide an on-site service and have developed their own internal processes for other technical installations

Individual Practitioners

Individuals interested in joining the program must have successfully completed the Sandvine Essentials Training (SET) within the last 24 months

Training Course

The technical and process training consists of a two-day comprehensive installation course and e-Learning modules. These modules help you prepare for the class and refresh your memory when needed. The course is designed to prepare you for all the different aspects of an installation project: from technical, documentations and processes, to planning and relationship management.

The instructor-led class covers the following items:

  • Virtual Product Installation
  • SPB & SDE High Availability
  • High-Level Installation Process
    • Pre-Install Planning
      • Communication
      • Design Development
      • Procedure Development
    • Installation Procedures
    • Post Installation Handover
    • Sample supporting documents (e.g. checklist, (Methods of Procedure) MOP, engagement process for installation)
  • Perform a “standard” installation
  • Test
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