Introduction to TCP Accelerator

Course Overview

The Introduction to TCP Accelerator course helps students become confident users of Sandvine’s TCP Accelerator product. The course starts with a discussion of the deficiencies of TCP, as well as the challenges posed by its use in modern networks.  After an overview of how TCP Accelerator works generally, the class will explore the various features, and how they can be applied to solve the issues presented by TCP. This one day course wraps up with a live demonstration of TCP Accelerator in action.


In addition to ensuring that you understand Sandvine’s TCP Accelerator product, upon completion of this course you will:

  • Understand the issues presented by TCP in modern networks
  • Be aware of the functionality and features offered by TCP Accelerator to address these issues
  • Be familiar with how the system is deployed and how traffic is selected for acceleration

Intended Audience

  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Support 
  • Design and Planning
  • Engineering
  • Partners

Course Duration

1 day

Course Outline

Introduction to TCP
TCP Challenges
Introducing TCP Accelerator
How TCP Accelerator Works
TCP Accelerator Features
Deploying TCP Accelerator

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