Advanced SandScript Writing

Course Overview

Intended for programmers, support, design and planning, and engineering personnel, the objective of this course is to help you further develop your SandScript skills. The first two days of the course consist of a series of lectures on advanced concepts, combined with plenty of practical and hands-on training exercises. The final day will focus heavily on labs, challenging students to solve real-world problems starting from business use cases written in plain English.


In addition to ensuring you understand the basic SandScript concepts, Sandvine Advanced SandScript Writing teaches you how to:

  • Obtain a deeper understanding of SandScript
  • Gain knowledge of advanced SandScript concepts and features
  • Solve problem using SandScript while working on hands-on exercises
  • Understand the impact of SandScript on Sandvine performance
  • Write good, efficient, and well-documented SandScript

Intended Audience

Student should have already taken Sandvine Essentials Training and have significant experience with Sandvine products:

  • Support
  • Engineering

Course Duration

  • 3 days

Course Outline

  • SandScript overview
  • Basic SandScript logic
  • Policy groups and node qualifiers
  • SandScript expressions
  • Measurements and classifiers
  • Shaping
  • SandScript Style and Standards
Advanced Policy Concepts
  • Measurement groups
  • Tables
  • SandScript functions
  • Local variables
  • Policy histograms
  • Tables
  • Maps
  • SandScript Performance
SandScript Development Labs
  • Series of labs guiding the student through the process of developing policy from scratch, starting with a problem statement in plain English
  • Translate problem into technical requirements o Implement requirements using SandScript
  • Debugging and optimizing SandScript
  • Reinforce proper style standards to encourage writing maintainable, extensible policy

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