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Maximize the Value of Your Sandvine Solution

Rely on Sandvine to deliver professional training courses that impart proven best practices for the installation, configuration, operation, maintenance, and administration of your Network Policy Control solution.

Sandvine’s certified instructors teach a comprehensive suite of training courses that cover every aspect of the solutions we offer. Our courses build the knowledge, skills, and expertise required to configure, operate, support, and maintain Sandvine’s network policy control solutions. The courses build knowledge in a modular fashion. The instruction we provide balances breadth with depth by giving the students practical knowledge of core functionality as well as exploring the diverse capabilities of our products. Lectures are enhanced by discussions of theoretical concepts and reinforced by hands-on lab exercises.

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Core Courses

Sandvine Essentials Training provides a foundation in Sandvine's enabling technologies and its core platforms: the Policy Traffic Switch (PTS), Subscriber Policy Broker (SPB), and Service Delivery Engine (SDE). It is a prerequisite for all other courses, and provides an overview of Sandvine's solutions, including configuration, defining policy using SandScript, and reporting using Network Demographics.

Course Name
PrerequisitesDuration (Days)
Sandvine Essentials Training None 4
Partner Installation Training Sandvine Essentials Training 2

Product Courses

Covers Sandvine’s suite of software applications, examining the most popular use cases. Product categories include Usage Management, Traffic Management, and Business Intelligence.

Course Name
PrerequisitesDuration (Days)
Policy Enforcement & Online Charging Sandvine Essentials Training 2
Policy & Charging Rules Function (if using Sandvine PCEF) Sandvine Essentials Training 2
Policy & Charging Rules Function (if using non-Sandvine PCEF) None 3
Quota Manager Sandvine Essentials Training 1
Record Generator Sandvine Essentials Training 1
Fairshare Traffic Management Sandvine Essentials Training 1
Network Analytics Operator None 1
Introduction to TCP Accelerator Sandvine Essentials Training 1
OutReach Experience Manager None 2
OutReach Notifications Manager Sandvine Essentials Training 1

Advanced Courses

Delve deeper into SandScript, Sandvine's policy language, and troubleshooting for multi-platform and solution deployments

Course Name
PrerequisitesDuration (Days)
Advanced SandScript Writing* Significant experience with Sandvine solution, Sandvine Essentials Training 3
Comprehensive Operations & Maintenance (COM)*
Discontinued as of Mar 2017; to be replaced by a new course: Troubleshooting Sandvine
Significant experience with Sandvine solution, Sandvine Essentials Training  2
Troubleshooting Sandvine* Significant experience with Sandvine solution, Sandvine Essentials Training 3

*Sandvine Essentials Training cannot be immediately followed by Sandvine Advanced SandScript Writing or Troubleshooting Sandvine in the same session. Sandvine Advanced SandScript Writing and Troubleshooting Sandvine will be of most value to the student after having had some experience working with Sandvine gear.

Introductory Webinar

Course Name
Sandvine Base Operations Remote Seminar None 5 hours
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