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Global Services

As the complexity of broadband networks increases, so too does the complexity of developing and deploying innovative solutions and new revenue-generating services. Sandvine is experienced in meeting this challenge with an extended global services organization that unites solutions architecture, consulting engineering, project management, courseware development and training, and support expertise.  Our global services organization offers a complete suite of lifecycle services to assist you with the deployment, integration, operation, support, enhancement and augmentation of your Sandvine solutions.

Leveraging Global Experience to Deliver Excellence

The global services team at Sandvine was built on the principle that experts in various fields could be united with common cause to deliver superior value. Since our inception, we have wholly focused on providing network
policy control solutions for communications service providers (CSPs), and our global services organization lets you directly benefit from that focus and expertise.

Our experts will help you to:

  • Capitalize on evolving market opportunities to achieve your business goals
  • Meet the service demands of your customers with rapid time-to-market
  • Benefit from the latest hardware and software solution
  • Integrate your new solutions into existing infrastructure and processes
  • Understand how to maximize the return of your investment

From preparation and planning to design and implementation through to operation and optimization, Sandvine has a service offer to complement each phase of network evolution.

Plus, with service delivery offices around the world, you’ll be working with experts nearby.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of Sandvine Global Services, please contact Services Product Management.

Sandvine Education Services

Education Services

For many IT organizations, new products and technologies are a double-edged sword.  The promise and potential is partially countered by a long learning curve and the need to develop familiarity and comfort with the new solutions.  To build your knowledge and expertise with your new Sandvine solutions, our education services team provides instructor-led training that will enable you to configure, operate, trouble-shoot and gain the most from Sandvine’s products, platforms and technologies.

 Broadly, our courses are split into three categories:

  • Core Courses: provide you with the essentials to manage the Sandvine platform and user interfaces
  • Product and Solutions Courses: provide the detail necessary to let you configure and manage your business intelligence, revenue generation, and cost reduction products and solutions
  • Advanced Courses: provide you with the skills and understanding to let you take complete advantage of the remarkable power and flexibility of Sandvine’s technologies

Courses can be delivered in a customer-exclusive, on-site format, or as open-enrollment public classroom courses hosted by Sandvine and scheduled periodically throughout the year.

Learn More View Training Schedule

Sandvine Professional Services

Professional Services

The Professional Services team delivers expertise and proven methodologies required to efficiently configure and integrate Sandvine technologies within your network, and to extend the functionality of our products and technology with innovative customized solutions.  In any engagement, the Professional Services team will work with you to:

  • Understand your business strategy and objectives
  • Develop a plan to achieve those objectives and design the appropriate solution
  • Deploy the solution in your network (installation service)

Installation service includes:

  • Deployment project coordination
  • Best practice guidelines and support for physical installation of network elements
  • Basic configuration of software, network policies, and IP connectivity
  • Element-level production network readiness assurance testing

Sandvine Support Services

Support Services

The Customer Support team provides around-the-clock technical assistance through subscription services, including:

Maintenance & Support

  • Technical Support Services: 24x7x365 access
  • Hardware Services: Return Material Authorization (RMA) and Advance Replacements & Repair
  • Software Maintenance Services: Bug Fixes, Patches, and Maintenance Releases
  • Software Upgrades: Major and Minor Releases for Base Platform and Application Software
  • Extended Facilities: Customer Support portal including inventory & issue tracking, notification, software & documentation downloads, and knowledge base access

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