Improving Customer Experience: Best Practices for Subscriber Engagement

An Industry Whitepaper

Due to the commoditization of Internet connectivity, it’s critical for communications service providers (CSPs) to demonstrate additional value (beyond price).

Delivering a superior customer experience is the most popular strategy being leveraged by CSPs to distinguish their offerings from their rivals. However, the concept of a strong customer experience is quite vague, so how can a CSP truly improve this facet of their business?

One of the most effective ways for a CSP to enhance their customers’ experience and increase overall profit is to improve subscriber engagement effectiveness.

Although subscriber engagement is straightforward in theory, doing it well takes conscious planning and requires the right tools. In this paper, we’ll share our best practices for subscriber engagement and teach CSPs how to grow top-line revenue and reduce operating costs while improving the overall customer experience.

The six best practices subscriber engagement are:

  1. Provide Value
  2. Preserve Balance
  3. Ensure Relevance
  4. Be Transparent
  5. Personalize Engagement
  6. Optimize the Quality of Experience

UPDATED : 2017-04-17 09:41:14